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Monthly Specials For September

Crocs Rx Silver Insole

Soothe ultra-sensitive feet with shock-absorbing, stress-relieving, ergonomic CrocsRx Silver Insole...

$69.95 $16.00Save: 77% off

Featured Products

Extend Bar - Apple Cinnamon

Apple Cinnamon Bars combine the sweetness of apples with the zing of cinnamon in a convenient, easy-...

Simply Bar - Lemon Coconut

The Simply Bar Lemon Coconut - Light and refreshing. Tart lemon flavour paired with coconut pieces. ...

DreamRice Low GI Rice 2kg

DreamRice™, a low GI tasty white rice which is excellent for those looking for options for a wh...

DreamRice Low GI Rice 5kg

DreamRice™, a low GI tasty white rice which is excellent for those looking for options for a wh...

Extend Bar - Chocolate Delight

Chocolate Delight Bars sneak the richness and sinful delight of chocolate into a convenient, easy-to...

Fifty50 Low GI Candies

FIFTY 50 Hard Candies come in three varieties. You can take these calorie reduced treats along with ...

Simply Bar - Cocoa Raspberry

The Simply Bar Cocoa Raspberry - Bitter and sweet. Rich dark chocolate paired with sweet raspberries...

Simply Bar - Caramel Peanut

The Simply Bar Caramel Peanut - A new twist on caramel. Luscious caramel with peanutty goodness. Eve...

Fifty50 Low GI Hearty Cut Oatmeal

Finally, a nice warm cereal which is low in GI Hearty Cut Oats will get your day off to a great star...


New Products For September

Simply Protein Crunch - Banana Caramel Cashew Nut

Simply Protein Crunch Banana Caramel Cashew Nut: Don't just survive the afternoon, power through it...

Salford Sandals

A favourite amongst diabetics, this sandal gives maximum stability and balance with no compromise o...

Freestyle Freedom Lite Glucose Strips - 50's

FreeStyle test strips have been updated to incorporate the new ZipWik tabs. Here's how the NEW Free...

Freestyle Optium Meter

Everyday Testing FreeStyle Optium blood glucose meter, previously known as the Optium Xceed, is des...

Freestyle Optium Ketones Strips - 10's

Freestyle Optium Ketones Test Strips 10's. Measuring your blood ketones during hyperglycaemia and i...

Simply Bar - Peanut Butter Chocolate

Peanut Butter Chocolate - The classic combo - dark chocolate paired with natural peanut butter (no ...

Walden Farms Bacon Dips

Walden Farms Calorie Free Bacon Dip is made from naturally smoked Bacon flavor with Dijon Mustard, ...

Walden Farms Ranch Dips

Walden Farms calorie free Ranch Dip is made from natural buttermilk and sour cream flavors with min...

Walden Farms French Onion Dips

Walden Farms Calorie Free French Onion Dip is made from natural Sour Cream and Roasted sweet onion ...



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Purchase below $80, FIXED delivery cost would increase by $1 to $8 and FLEXI delivery cost would increase by $2 to $12.

Purchase above $80, FLEXI delivery cost would increase by $2 to $10.

We had no choice but to increase the delivery cost due to raising operational cost. Thanks for being understanding.

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Crocs Rx Silver Insole
Crocs Rx Silver Insole

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