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Featured Products

Extend Bar - Apple Cinnamon

Apple Cinnamon Bars combine the sweetness of apples with the zing of cinnamon in a convenient, easy-...

Simply Bar - Lemon Coconut

The Simply Bar Lemon Coconut - Light and refreshing. Tart lemon flavour paired with coconut pieces. ...

DreamRice Low GI Rice 2kg

DreamRice™, a low GI tasty white rice which is excellent for those looking for options for a wh...

DreamRice Low GI Rice 5kg

DreamRice™, a low GI tasty white rice which is excellent for those looking for options for a wh...

Extend Bar - Chocolate Delight

Chocolate Delight Bars sneak the richness and sinful delight of chocolate into a convenient, easy-to...

Fifty50 Low GI Candies

FIFTY 50 Hard Candies come in three varieties. You can take these calorie reduced treats along with ...

Simply Bar - Cocoa Raspberry

The Simply Bar Cocoa Raspberry - Bitter and sweet. Rich dark chocolate paired with sweet raspberries...

Simply Bar - Caramel Peanut

The Simply Bar Caramel Peanut - A new twist on caramel. Luscious caramel with peanutty goodness. Eve...

Fifty50 Low GI Hearty Cut Oatmeal

Finally, a nice warm cereal which is low in GI Hearty Cut Oats will get your day off to a great star...


New Products For July

Kiwigarden - Sweet Corn Kernels

Who has time to de-corn a cob? The guys at KIWIGARDEN have taken all the hassle out of it so you ca...

Kiwigarden - Mixed Berry Yoghurt Drops

My ‘big crunch’ yoghurt drops are totally addictive and full of nature’s goodies. Some cheeky...

Simply Protein Chips - BBQ

Pea Protein Chips - BBQ, Savory Not Sweet. Simply Protein Chips are the only savory, high protein s...

Simply Protein Crunch - Raspberry Coconut

Simply Protein Crunch Raspberry Coconut: Don't just survive the afternoon, power through it. Every ...

Alivia Mother's Day Choc Banana Cake - 670g

Due to the overwhelming request, we have worked together with Alivia to present low GI Mother's Day...

Hypoband HB-1

Hypoband is a wireless device that manages your diabetes while you sleep. Cold sweat due to hypogly...

Simply Protein Crunch - Lemon, Cranberry, Pumpkin Seeds

Simply Protein Crunch Lemon, Cranberry and Pumpkin Seeds: Don't just survive the afternoon, power t...

Simply Protein Crunch - Banana Caramel Cashew Nut

Simply Protein Crunch Banana Caramel Cashew Nut: Don't just survive the afternoon, power through it...

Salford Sandals

A favourite amongst diabetics, this sandal gives maximum stability and balance with no compromise o...


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